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Youth Ministry, NYCN, Foundation Brainstorm on Climate Change Solution – Blueprint Newspapers Limited

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has lamented the negative effects of climate change on the environment, charging young people to harness opportunities to combat the threat

Speaking on Thursday in Abuja, at the 2022 Environmental Symposium organized by the Earth Advocacy and Empowerment Foundation, in collaboration with the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Sunday Dare , who was represented by his special assistant on youth, ICT and business relations, Oluwakemi Ann-Melody Areola, said efforts were in place by the ministry to sensitize young people on how to reverse the effects of climate change.

He said: “At the Ministry of Youth and Sports, we have identified that while climate change is a problem, it is also an opportunity for us. There are many jobs that can be created in the climate change ecosystem. Thus, the ministry has developed many sustainability programs, which target young people in different fields to help reverse climate change. It will use the opportunity to create jobs for themselves.

“What’s important about climate change is that we take responsibility for our actions. The problem that exists in Nigeria today is that individuals do not take responsibility for their individual actions or are not accountable for what they do. The ministry has therefore developed programs that educate people to take responsibility for their actions and understand how they are affected by climate change. Outreach involves educating young people on how they can reverse climate change. The problem is that young people are not feeling the impact of climate change. Now is the time to make sure it can be reversed.

Also speaking, the Executive Director of the Earth Advocacy and Empowerment Foundation, Comrade Yussuf Tunji Kelani, said the effects of climate change on the environment are monumental and should be tackled head-on by stakeholders.

He said, “Human activities, overtime, have affected the flow of the natural environment and it is high time we started taking care of the environment, otherwise we will regret it. We started advocacy in 2012 by educating people about the effects of climate change. In 2016, we started studying the effect of climate change on infrastructure development. We have flooding in the south-south, scarce rainfall in the west due to climate change.

“Climate change is obviously real now and is no longer a myth as some said earlier, although some still live in this dreamland. The daily events, incidences and happenings around us and all over the world are sufficient evidence to prove to us that no one, no country, race, ethnicity, religion or status will be excluded from the effects and consequences of global warming.

“Yusfond Consulting initiated this public discourse on environmental issues by introducing the series titled “Understanding and Protecting the Environment” in 2012. The first series defined and critically analyzed climate change and its consequences. The second and third series dealt with reforestation and air pollution as a major contributor to global warming, while the fourth and fifth series dealt with education and climate change – the need to introduce the climate change as a subject in the school curriculum and also the creation of climate change clubs. in secondary schools, to complement the effort of the Lagos State Government, which began in 2012.

“The sixth series organized in 2016 adopted a very sensitive topic born from the results of our research on the infrastructure and the efficient drainage and sewerage system in the metropolitan city of Lagos. The result reveals a very poor behavioral culture of community management Slums for living happen without approvals or allowances Communities exist with basic social amenities and where there are amenities the culture of upkeep and use of most residences is not protective and in most cases not environmentally friendly. Today we are here in Abuja for the 10 edition of our environmental lecture series. Remember that it is our duty to protect the environment so that the environment in turn protects us.

For his part, the president of the NYCN, Amb. Sukubo Sara-Igbe Sukubo, said the council will embark on tree planting in Nigeria’s 774 LGAs to combat the effects of climate change.

“If young people know how to turn waste into wealth, they will be more engaged rather than looking for non-existent jobs. In two weeks, we will be planting trees in all 774 LGAs in Nigeria. In doing so, we will contribute our part to safeguarding the environment. If you have a good environment, you will have a healthy life.

“We are affiliated with the Ministry of Youth and Sports. We are also willing to enter into partnership with the Ministry of the Environment. When they’re ready, we’re ready. We have coordinators in all LGAs. We have the manpower. We are only looking for support to facilitate our activities for the benefit of the Nigerian youth,” he said.