Ministry matters

Young people want a separate ministry to run their affairs

Young people from various parts of the country have called on lawmakers to push for policies aimed at improving the well-being and livelihoods of young people other than focusing on politics.

They raised concern at a meeting held in Kampala between members of the Parliamentary Forum on Youth Affairs of the 11th Parliament and other youth representatives from across the country.

James Cleto Mumbere, National Youth Advocacy Platform (NYAP) coordinator said young people occupy the largest percentage of the population, so they deserve special attention and a separate ministry that can effectively run their affairs.

“Recent surveys have found that very few young people own land in Uganda, yet it is the main factor of production in the agricultural sector. We need policies that can inspire young people to engage in agriculture, ”Mumbere noted.

Hon. Brandon Alex Kintu, MP representing Kagoma County called on fellow lawmakers to unite their efforts to create a full-fledged youth ministry to facilitate a swift response to youth issues.

“I was discussing issues that affect young people with my colleagues and we wondered where the youth representatives are going after five years in Parliament. We want to make a program in which all the parastatals of the government, at the management level, involve young people, ”Kintu said.

He also instructed the relevant authorities to introduce incubation centers to equip young people with practical skills for survival and job creation.

“Uganda is a country run by the private sector where we are required to have an incubation center like in India where all cities and provinces have these youth centers. It is also an idea that we can work on to interest young people in professional skills.

The meeting attracted the majority of the attendees being Members of Parliament, Members of the National Youth Council, NYAP National Steering Committee, CIDI leadership and Coordinating Unit, among others.