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Who goes where ? Ministry keeps tabs on tourists – The New Indian Express

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NEW DELHI: If you travel to other places, you will be monitored. The Ministry of Tourism has set the stage for a national survey of domestic and foreign tourists to understand travel behavior, purpose, spending pattern and profiling.

Data will be collected by state governments and union territories. The ministry will facilitate the investigation and provide financial assistance to carry it out. The results will be used to study state and UT capacity building in identifying a district’s major tourist destinations, entry and exit points, and accommodation units. The exercise aims to give a strategic boost to tourism.

Government officials familiar with the matter said the ministry had issued a tender for the establishment of agencies through which the investigation will be conducted. Separate tenders were issued for each region — north, south, east, west and northeast.

“State tourism departments will employ one or more incorporated agencies to undertake the survey in each district. The ministry will provide financial assistance. State tourism departments will share foreign tourist visitation (FTV) and domestic tourist visitation (DTV) statistics with the department. Based on the collected data, tourism policies will be developed,” an official said.

Data will be collected monthly. To expedite data entry, compilation, analysis and monthly reporting, a mobile application will be provided. The official said the ministry has also engaged the National Productivity Council under the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) for the preparation and deployment of an integrated automated dashboard for submission. data collected by the States.

The council will also provide training to state-level supervisors of the selected agency on the methodology of conducting surveys. Subsequently, they will train field interviewers and ensure good quality surveys. The survey to assess purpose and preference will be collected from major destinations, entry/exit points and accommodation units.