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Virginia ministry helps clean up tornado-ravaged Kentucky

A Christian group from Fredericksburg, Va., Is traveling to Bowling Green, Ky. To help clean up damage from last week’s tornadoes.

Volunteers from Christian Project 516 are in Bowling Green, Ky., To help clean up after last week’s tornadoes. (Courtesy of James Roberson)

The tornadoes that swept through Kentucky last week killed dozens and many more with their homes destroyed. Now a Christian group from Fredericksburg, Virginia is heading to Bowling Green to help clean up the devastation.

the Project 516 is a Christian-based building ministry launched in 2016 with a mission to help through service. Its founder, James Roberson, and 25 other volunteers arrived in Bowling Green on Wednesday evening to begin the cleanup.

Roberson said they would start by chopping down felled trees, sifting through debris for any salvageable goods and putting tarps over damaged grooves to keep rain out of homes.

“We are staying in a church… called Living Hope Baptist,” Roberson told OMCP. “We are working in the surrounding areas, so we will probably be covered within a radius of about 30 miles of the church.”

Roberson and the other volunteers will be staying there and will be back in time for Christmas. But in the meantime, he wants to help those who lost friends and family in one of the deadliest storms in Kentucky history.

“And so we just want to be able to share that with people and just be here and just love and let them know that there is still hope, let them know that they are not being forgotten,” Roberson said. “It’s definitely an emotional experience.”

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