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Vietnam Ministry of Tourism proposes full reopening to international tourism from April

According to the plan, after the first pilot period of welcoming international tourists, the second phase will last by March 30, 2022, with the number of localities eligible for the program being extended to all those who have completed the coverage of the COVID-19 vaccine. . booster injections and with contained outbreak (green zone, according to the evaluation criteria of the outbreak of the Ministry of Health).

This is a huge step forward from the current five localities of the island of Phú Quốc (Kiên Giang province in the southern region), Quảng Nam, Đà Nẵng and Khánh Hoà in the central region, and Quảng Ninh in the northern region, with HCM City and Bình Định soon to join the list.

COVID-19 tests can be carried out at accommodation sites, without discrimination between domestic and international tourists, and without imposed time restrictions.

From March 31, 2022, Việt Nam will be fully open to international tourism, with incoming and outgoing tourists being welcomed at all international border gates.

Tourists accepted into Việt Nam must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (with certificates) at least 14 days prior to entry, or have proof of recovery from COVID-19 within six months prior to entry. (There will be separate requirements for partially vaccinated children or young children).