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“Threatening letter” written to Foreign Ministry: Maryam

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz said the ‘threatening letter’, which Prime Minister Imran Khan called evidence of a ‘foreign conspiracy’ against his government, was written by officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. foreign.

“A letter was written to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs… Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States was abruptly transferred to Brussels the day before he left. [PM Imran] showed a letter to the public,” she told a news conference in Lahore on Tuesday.

Maryam said Prime Minister Imran used the National Security Committee (NSC) platform for political purposes and misinterpreted his statement.

“There is no mention of a foreign conspiracy in the official NSC statement… Foreign Ministry officials drafted this letter which has been described as a diplomatic cable.”

While calling the letter “fake”, Maryam demanded the Prime Minister show it to the public and submit it to the Supreme Court as well.

“It’s the National Security Committee, not Imran Bachao. [protect] Committee,” she said while asking security agencies to clarify their position on the matter.

“The main actor of this ‘letter carrier’ should be brought before the Supreme Court,” she added.

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Responding to Prime Minister Imran’s allegations, Maryam said the opposition leaders’ meetings with foreign diplomats were a routine affair and there was nothing unusual about them.

“When we meet with foreign diplomats, we discuss matters of national interest… have you [PM Imran] not met foreign diplomats in the past,” the PML-N leader asked, showing a photo of Prime Minister Imran with a foreign diplomat before he came to power.

Citing the results of a recent survey, Maryam said the majority believed that the real reason for the ousting of the PTI government was inflation and not a foreign conspiracy.

“Farah is the headliner of Bani Gala”

Speaking of the first lady’s close friend, Farah Khan, Maryam said she fled the country in a ‘burqa’ with the ‘help’ of Prime Minister Imran after the federal cabinet was dissolved.

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“Farah is the leader of Bani Gala [PM Imran’s residence]…make no mistake, Farah was the real chief minister of Punjab…all secrets will soon be out to the nation,” she said, accusing Farah Bibi of accepting bribes for the transfers and postings of civil servants in Punjab.

“They [PTI govt] dissolved the National Assembly because they knew that if an opposition party came to power they would hold them responsible for the mega corruption scandals,” Maryam said.

The PML-N leader said Prime Minister Imran and his aides had committed “high treason” by dissolving the lower house of parliament.