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There could be a terrorist attack on passengers, the Ministry of the Interior publishes a notice

Dehradun: The holy month of Sawan has begun. With the beginning of the month of Sawan, the Kanwar Yatra also started. There is great excitement among devotees of Shiv about the Kanwar Yatra, while now there is also a threat of terrorist attack on this Yatra. After receiving information about the terrorist attack on the Kanwar Yatra in Uttarakhand, the Home Ministry issued a notice about it.

The Home Ministry has also issued an advisory to Uttarakhand and other states. Director General of Uttarakhand Police (DGP), Ashok Kumar, confirmed receipt of the advice from the Ministry of Interior. Ashok Kumar said the notice issued by the Ministry of Interior to the police in Uttarakhand and other states is normal. He said our police force is fully alert regarding the Kanwar Yatra. The DGP of Uttarakhand also discussed the security arrangements for the Kanwar Yatra. He said that this year more than 4 crore Kanwar Yatris are expected to come to Uttarakhand and perform Jalabhishek of Mahadev in their area by carrying Ganga water from Kanwar.

The DGP of Uttarakhand said that the administration is fully alert on the security front regarding such a big religious event. He said the Mela region has been divided into 12 super zones, 32 zones and 120 sectors for security purposes. DGP of Uttarakhand said 10,000 police officers, 5 companies of Central Paramilitary Forces, Counter Terrorism Squad and Bomb Squad along with Water Police soldiers have been deployed in Mela area for the security of the Kanwar pilgrims. He said CCTV monitoring will also be carried out in the Mela area. For this, 400 CCTV cameras were installed. Police officers will also monitor the fair with drones. Meat shops were also closed. Simultaneously, the Delhi-Rishikesh national highway was also closed. It should be mentioned that due to the organization of the Kanwar Yatra in the month of Sawan, the Kanwariyas fill the water of the Ganges from Haridwar and Rishikesh and travel hundreds of kilometers on foot to perform Jalabhishek of Mahadev.

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