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The ministry will investigate the ecological effects of camping

*The deadline to withdraw winter camps is May 14

The 2021/2022 winter camping season will end on May 2 while the deadline for withdrawing camps is May 14, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MoECC) has announced.
Addressing a press conference at the ministry’s headquarters on Monday, MoECC officials said the May 14 deadline was set to give campers an opportunity to continue camping during the Eid al- Fitr.
In addition, for the first time and in order to obtain community participation, the ministry will publish a questionnaire to find out the opinions of campers on the camping season and will also conduct a study in cooperation with Qatar University on the effects social and environmental aspects of the campsite.
The press conference brought together Farhoud Hadi al-Hajri, director of public relations, and Salem Hussein al-Safran, deputy director of the Department of Nature Reserves and vice-president of the winter camping organizing committee.
The MoECC praised the cooperation of camp owners during the camping season, which lasted six months. He also noted the cooperation of various ministries and institutions in the country regarding the procedures and requirements for maintaining security, safety and public health in all camps, which contributed to the success of the season. .
Al-Safran said around 395 tonnes of waste has been removed from 1,626 camps since the start of the camping season in November 2021, with 305 containers set aside for this purpose. This was done in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipalities, represented by the Department of General Cleanliness.
He called on all campers to dismantle and remove all camps by the deadline and warned that specialist environmental teams would carry out inspections and follow-up operations after that date and take legal action in the event of violations.
Al-Hajri said a preliminary study will be conducted by the ministry, in cooperation with QU, on the impact and evaluation of camps during the camping season on the environment from a social and environmental point of view. “The study will focus on the negative effects on the environment arising from the camping season. while assessing the impact on grasslands, wild plants and animals, coasts and beaches. In addition, it will analyze the impact of camp waste and sewage on the environment during the camping season, bird migration, the impact of camp waste and sanitation on the environment during the camping season. of camping and the impact of winter camping on the movement and reproduction of life. creatures, especially the non-compliance with environmental requirements in this regard,” he explained.
The MoECC, as part of its desire to develop and modernize the winter camping season in the coming years, will publish a questionnaire on its website to find out the opinion of campers on the 2022 camping season. must be completed prior to the security deposit refund process.
The survey will be conducted in order for the ministry to realize its vision and mission, he said, adding that the results will be announced later.
The official pointed out that the realization of the study aims to involve citizens in choosing what suits them regarding the winter camping season, adding that the ministry believes in the importance of popular participation and the realization the principle of transparency in all matters related to camping.
The survey will solicit suggestions from campers on how to reduce the effects of negative practices during a camping season, as well as when and where to camp.