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The Ministry of Tourism suspends the name of “Blackstar Films”

Animation on Saturday, December 18, 2021



Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Ibrahim Mohammed Awal

The turmoil in the creative industry that greeted the rebranding from Ghana Films to Blackstar Films has forced the Ministry of Tourism to suspend use of the new brand.

“The Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, the Honorable Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, has ordered the use of the newly selected brand name for Ghana’s film industry; ‘Blackstar Films’, be put on hold pending the outcome of ongoing stakeholder engagement, ”a ministry statement said.

“Some actors of the film industry dissatisfied with the selection of the name of the brand have petitioned the minister of the sector,” the statement added.

He noted: “The Honorable Minister’s office engages the National Film Authority (NFA) and the aggrieved parties on the case. Pending the outcome of stakeholder commitments, it is hereby ordered that the brand name be put on hold with immediate effect.

“The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture headed by the Honorable Awal Mohammed assures Ghanaians that it is focused on developing the film industry in unity and will avoid any movement that would create a divided front.”

Ghana’s National Film Authority (NFA) recently announced the new name after a year of bringing together a few selected names for the industry.

Of the more than 400 names presented, the Trademarks Committee chaired by Professor Audrey Gadzekpo reduced the list to 10.

The public was then invited by the NFA to select 1 of the 10 names.

The NFA chose the name with the most votes.

At a new name announcement ceremony in Accra, the Chairman of the Trademarks Committee said: “We have taken popular votes into consideration. We were loyal to popular votes and determined that we would only have a problem with popular votes if the name is used elsewhere or there are other things that will compromise the name.