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The Ministry of Multimedia studies the method of the audit report to guarantee the quality of Internet access

KOTA BARU: The Ministry of Communications and Multimedia is planning a more comprehensive audit reporting process to measure the quality and performance of internet access nationwide, says Tan Sri Annuar Musa (Photo).

The Communications and Multimedia Minister said details were being discussed with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to ensure the best method would be implemented.

“We have also instructed the MCMC at the state level to always audit areas that often experience “blind spots,” unstable connections in addition to conducting studies with relevant telecom carriers.

“Now MCMC has set up state offices to address the remaining issues in some areas,” he told reporters after chairing the Ketereh Umno divisional meeting and launching the rice vending machine on Wednesday. at the Yayasan Kemiskinan Kelantan (YKK) complex. (February 2).

Annuar, MP for Ketereh, said the audit process should be done to improve existing weaknesses and avoid relying solely on reports from telecom companies.

“When I visit an area, I will do a random check of internet access in that area and compare it to the reports received.

“Sometimes the reports are not the same as the Internet situation on the ground. I hope the telecom operators involved will take a more responsible attitude,” he said.

On Malaysia’s Digital Home Economy Centers (PEDi) digital transformation programme, Annuar said the remaining 200 PEDi should be fully established within two years at the latest.

“Setting up a PEDi depends on many things like getting a telco, renting premises and recruiting staff for each PEDi as well as organizing programs.

“This process can’t be done in a week or two,” he said. – Bernama