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The Ministry of Justice will recruit 550 executive directors and deputy directors

The Department of Justice will receive 410 executive directors and deputy executive directors, of which 140 are open and 550 live.

The written examination will be organized by the Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) on Sunday 03 April 2022, in two examination centers, 062 Ankara-Çankaya and 067 Ankara-Yenimahalle.

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The exam will start at 10:15 am and will last 105 minutes. Candidates will not be admitted to the examination rooms after 10:00 a.m.

In order for candidates to be appointed director general and deputy director general, the director general and the assistants and executive clerks must meet the following conditions specified in article 3 of the regulations on examinations, appointments and transfers:

  • a) Be a Turkish citizen,
  • b) Must not have reached the age of thirty-five on January 1 of the year in which the written exam takes place, (Date of birth: 01/01/1987 and after) c) Faculty of law, professional training school of justice, ministry of justice of vocational schools or graduate diploma of the vocational education program of justice (undergraduate / associate degree code 3209, 1102, 9339 or 6352), having received a certificate of equivalence if the education was carried out in a foreign country,
  • d) Not be suffering from a mental illness that could prevent him from performing his duties, e) Be positive following the security investigation and / or archival research,
  • (f) Even if the time limits specified in article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code have passed; crimes against state security, crimes against the constitutional order and the functioning of this order, embezzlement, extortion, corruption, theft, fraud, forgery, breach of trust, fraudulent Not to be convicted of bankruptcy, rigging of ‘offers, fraudulent execution, laundering of real estate values ​​resulting from crime or smuggling,
  • g) Not to be deprived of public rights,
  • h) It is required not to be linked to military service or not to be of military age, or to have performed active military service if he has reached military age, or to have been postponed or transferred in the reserve class.

Exam applications will be received electronically through the SYM Application Centers or individually via the Internet (from the SYM website between February 16 and 23, 2022 The list of application centers will be included in the examination request. information on the ÖSYM website during the application period. ÖSYM Application Centers will receive applications on the official working day and between official working hours.

The deadline to apply is March 2, 2022.