Ministry result

The Ministry of Justice will recruit 150 psychologists, veterinarians and engineers

A total of 6 staff, including 8 psychologists, 140 veterinarians and 7 engineers, will be recruited for grade 5 to 152 posts through an oral examination for the directors of penitentiary and probation establishments under the General Directorate of Prisons. and remand centers. The provinces and quotas to be recruited are listed in Appendix-1.

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In accordance with the Civil Service Law No. 657 and the Regulation on the Examination, Appointment and Transfer of Officials of the Ministry of Justice, applicants must meet the following conditions.

a) Be a Turkish citizen,

(b) Even if the time limits specified in article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code have passed; crimes against state security, crimes against the constitutional order and the functioning of this order, embezzlement, extortion, bribes, theft, fraud, forgery, breach of trust, fraudulent Not to be condemned for bankruptcy, bid-rigging, execution rigging, laundering of real estate values ​​resulting from crime or smuggling,

c) For male applicants, not to have military service, not of military age, to have done active military service if they are of service age, or to be postponed or transferred to the reserve class,

d) A positive result of the security screening, (A security screening and archival search will be carried out for candidates who pass the oral examination.)

e) He / she does not suffer from any mental illness or physical handicap which may prevent him / her from performing his / her duties on a continuous basis; there is no strabismus, blindness, lameness, hearing loss, fixed facial features, impairment of limbs, stuttering and the like; To document with a board of health report, they will be given full public hospitals affiliated with the Department of Health (the board of health report will be required from applicants who pass the oral exam.)

Application method and duration

a) Applicants can submit their application between 03.01.2022 and 17.01.2022 by e-Government by connecting through the Ministry of Justice – Career Gate Public Recruitment or Career Gate (, address e-Government. They will do this using the application screen, which will be active on the state during the application date range. Applications submitted in person or by mail will not be accepted.

b) Candidates may only apply for one title among the posts advertised.

c) Educational status of applicants through Higher Education Information System web services, KPSSP3 2020 score; The Presidency of the Center for Measurement, Selection and Placement (ÖSYM) will be carried out through web services. Since the education information in the Higher Education Information System will be considered at the application stage, applicants who do not have graduation information on the e -Government should update their graduation information, which is not on e-Government, with the universities they graduated from, so that they do not experience victimization when applying. Applicants who apply with a score type other than the KPSSP3 score type specified in the advertisement will not be assessed. Responsibility for this lies with the candidate himself.

d) Information on e-Government will be taken into account during the preliminary examination phase. Applicants who are exempt from military service are required to upload the exemption certificate or the report of the board of health, the document indicating that they have been placed in the relevant program by ÖSYM for applicants graduating from the Turkish Republic of Cyprus North, and the equivalence documents for applicants graduating from higher education institutions abroad. Originals of documents uploaded to the system can be requested from applicants if required.

e) After completing the application process, applicants should check if their application has been completed on the “My Applications” screen. Any application that does not display “Application received” on the “My applications” screen will not be evaluated. Responsibility in this regard rests with the applicant. If applicants wish to cancel their application, they can cancel their application during the application period via e-Government or Career Gate.

f) Legal action will be taken against those who provide false documents or make a statement, and if their appointment is made, their appointment will be annulled and if any fees have been paid by the administration, this sum will be set off against its legal interest. .