Ministry health

The Ministry of Health will give the latest Covid-19 update

The Department of Health is due to provide an update on Covid-19 around 1 p.m. Sunday.

Seven deaths were reported on Friday and Saturday – the highest daily totals to date.

These deaths brought the total number of Covid deaths in New Zealand to 105, although the ministry said the total drops to 93 after excluding deaths of people who died more than 28 days after being reported to have Covid, and deaths with incomplete details.

Do you know the correct way to swab for a rapid antigen test for Covid-19?


Do you know the correct way to swab for a rapid antigen test for Covid-19?

Epidemiologist Professor Michael Baker has warned New Zealanders to prepare for ‘collective grief’ with the possibility there could be up to 20 Covid deaths a day in the coming weeks.

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Saturday, 853 people with Covid were hospitalized, including 17 in intensive care. There were 18,699 new community cases that day, bringing the seven-day rolling average of community cases to 19,888.

Only 540 of Saturday’s cases were identified by PCR tests, with the remaining 18,159 identified by rapid antigen tests (RATs).

Concerns have been expressed that with many people now using RATs to test themselves for Covid, data on the number of cases had become unreliable.