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The Ministry of Health organizes a workshop on the revival of surveillance of infectious diseases | Jordan News

Ammon News – The Directorate of Communicable Diseases of the Ministry of Health organized on Wednesday, in cooperation with the Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network (EMPHNET), a training workshop entitled “Activation of surveillance, epidemiological updates and mechanism of notification of communicable diseases and diarrhoea”.

The workshop, which coincides with the preparation of the weekly report on communicable diseases, aims to ensure the continued joint cooperation of the heads of the surveillance departments of the Ministry of Health and to revive surveillance through the continuous reporting of communicable diseases and the diarrhea, with the aim of ensuring more impartiality and avoidance of zero case declarations in health centers.

During the workshop, the Director of Communicable Diseases Department of the Ministry, Dr. Mohammad Hawarat, highlighted the importance of disease surveillance system as the first line of defense to prevent the incidence and spread of diseases infectious.

This step should become an early warning system to give the ministry’s surveillance officers the ability to deal with any emerging health developments in the Kingdom, he added.

For his part, EMPHNET director Dr Mohannad Nsour said the network was working “continuously” to support the Jordanian ministry’s efforts to increase workers’ skills and build their capacity to improve detection procedures. in place in the world, which could have a negative impact on Jordanian society.

EMPHNET is continuing the process of strengthening the surveillance process in the governorates of the Kingdom and various field locations to report and curb the spread of epidemic diseases, Nsour added.