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The Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan develops a plan for the digitization of medical institutions

BAKU, Azerbaijan, July 21. The Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan, within the framework of the project of state support for digital reforms in the health sector, has developed a plan for the digitalization of medical institutions for 2022-2026, the press service of the IT-Med company of the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan on the implementation and development of information and communication technologies, said Trend.

According to the press service, the first priority of the plan is the creation of an ICT infrastructure for Internet connection and computerization of treatment and preventive care establishments, pharmacies and health authorities.

“Second, a general standardization is envisaged, the creation of the main elements of a compatible digital health platform to perform the tasks of a “single electronic platform” for monitoring population health indicators, supporting a electronic medical record (EMC), an e-health system that allows the exchange of data, the provision of electronic services to patients by creating registers, reporting and monitoring components,” reports the press service.

“Third, the following components have been identified as priority digital health interventions: e-prescribing, e-referral, e-registration, mobile services and telemedicine.

Fourth, it is planned to develop a National Health Insurance Fund information system, support the introduction of new payment mechanisms, introduce an incentive system for doctors, and support the introduction of the public health insurance in Uzbekistan,” the press service said.

According to the press service, within the framework of the project, by 2025 it is planned to create a digital health platform for the digitization of business processes in health institutions and pharmacies.