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The Ministry of Defense organizes a forum to commemorate Women’s Day

The Ministry of Defense and National Security organized a forum in commemoration of International Women’s Day 2022.

The forum revolved around the theme of “Breaking Biases” and was in line with the ministry’s belief in the power of open dialogue. The forum was attended by Ministry staff.

The forum saw lively discussions held to share the honest thoughts and experiences of women and was joined by the Minister of Defense and National Security, Mariya Ahmed Didi. He saw the issues of prejudice and discrimination faced by women in all walks of life and society, shared by members.

Discussions also focused on ways to address these issues.

During the forum, Minister Mariya highlighted the importance for women to speak out and have their own voice, to take their place in society and to stand up for themselves even in the workplace.

She was joined by Director General of the National Center for Combating Terrorism BG (retired) Zakariyya Mansoor.

The forum was moderated by Director of Anti-Human Trafficking Ali Jaishan Amir, who was joined by Permanent Secretary Shaan Mansoor, Senior Executive Director Aminath Sanaau and Director General of Aviation Security Hussain Nazeef.