Ministry matters

The Ministry of Culture will organize an annual authors’ forum tomorrow

Under the patronage of the Minister of Culture, HE Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Hamad bin Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Ministry of Culture, represented by the Qatari Forum of Authors, will organize the annual forum of authors next Saturday, under the banner “With Thought We Thrive” at the Sheraton Hotel.

The annual forum aims to achieve the objectives of the Qatari Forum of Authors, which are devoted to consolidating relations between forum members and those related to culture, and to involve writers and authors in the process of cultural planning, by particularly in the area of ​​paternity. and writing.

The Managing Director of the Forum, Director of the Department of Culture and Arts at the Ministry of Culture, Maryam Yassin Al Hammadi, said in a statement to QNA that the forum is an annual tradition for the Qatari Forum of Authors, where authors are traditionally honored on World Book Day. on April 23 each year to remember those who have offered production in the field of writing and authorship to pave the way for the social and cultural progress of humanity in general, and to be those who have a positive impact. She added that the event coincided with Holy Ramadan and had been rescheduled for June 25, 2022.

She added that the country is proud that the annual authors’ forum is being held thanks to the efforts of its members, as well as the efforts of the Forum of Qatari Publishers and Distributors, as well as actors in the fields of culture and entertainment. authorship in particular, to achieve a more sober literary production and cultural and creative gifts in the State of Qatar.

On the other hand, the Qatari Forum of Authors, in cooperation with the Dar Al Sharq Group, announced the launch of the “Literature Heritage Visitor” press article writing competition, which aims to revive the heritage Arabic literature and to strengthen writing skills. young people.

This competition is part of the talent discovery and sponsorship project and complements the literary heritage visitor initiative previously launched in cooperation between the Forum and Dar Al Sharq, which highlights a set of books heritage literature presented by a collective of academics via the Forum’s YouTube channel and social networking sites.

The competition requires that the entrant be a Qatari or a resident of the State of Qatar in the age range between 16 and 36 years old, and that the article should focus on Arab heritage and be written in standard Arabic, and the word count should be at least 300 words and no more than 500 words.

The forum had previously announced the names of the winners of the unpublished book competition, organized in cooperation with Dar Al Sharq. The Qatari Forum of Authors intends to publish the production of its members in books and periodicals, to encourage the translation of good books into international languages, in addition to encouraging and transferring world heritage in the Arabic language. , as well as strengthening relations with authors, Arab unions, writers and Arab and international writers, strengthening relations between authors and coordinating their efforts, and working on the development of literary talents and working on refinement and development of their abilities.

The event also aims to revitalize the cultural movement, coordinate efforts and positions with professional and cultural associations and unions in the State of Qatar on national and national issues, and pay attention to literature and the popular culture and related studies.