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The Fiji Times » Ministry to roll out revised curriculum

The Department of Education will roll out the revised Secondary English and Mathematics curriculum by 2024.

This, according to Education Minister Premila Kumar in response to opposition MP Lenora Qereqeretabua’s statement on the quality of education in Fiji in Parliament this week.

She said they are also revising the social science and history curriculum and carrying out a review of the early childhood education sub-sector to build a strong foundation for our children.

“In addition, we are introducing civic and moral education, which will be the basis for building a better society,” Ms. Kumar said.

“In recognition of the threat posed by climate change, we have also ensured that climate science is taught to our children and that they are well prepared for it.

“The department consulted widely at every opportunity.

“In fact, the Ministry of Education has a think tank of experienced and qualified teachers who advise us on what area we need to work on, so it’s not that we do things on our own.

“We are constantly consulting and talking to our teachers, headteachers, parents, school management committees, teacher training colleges, faith-based organizations, headmasters association, etc. »