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The Fiji Times » Hospital transition – Ministry prepares staff for new move

As Lautoka Hospital Health Care Services continues to move to new management under Health Care (Fiji) Ltd, the Department of Health and Medical Services is preparing its staff for the new move.

On Monday evening, the Minister of Health, Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete, and the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr James Fong, met with a group of medical specialists to discuss the transition and some of their concerns.

“As you know it’s an exciting time, Lautoka Hospital is going through its transition with healthcare (Fiji) and obviously there are opportunities for our staff across the western division, not just for the region but across all of Fiji.

“The goal, as we all know, is to improve our health care services and also to provide opportunities for various treatments.

“That’s why the government asked for this public-private partnership strategy.” He said while the transition was taking its course with Health Care (Fiji) Ltd, which operated as Aspen Medical, staff members still had their concerns.

“The specialists we have found certainly have many opportunities available to them, but they have also had personnel issues which we know deal with proper HR mechanisms, so it is wonderful to actually meet them.

“It was time for us to come and talk to them and learn from them how we can better learn from them how we can take better care of our people in the West Division.”

According to Aspen Medical, Lautoka Hospital’s transition phase includes major upgrades to existing facilities and staff training to international medical standards for operation which began April 1.