Ministry result

The Department of Public Health classifies marijuana as a controlled herb

After the notification of the Ministry of Public Health regarding the specification of type 5 narcotics BE 2565 (AD 2022) came into force on 9e June 2022 to remove most parts and forms of cannabis (marijuana and hemp) and their extracts containing no more than 0.2% by weight of tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”) of Type 5 Narcotics under the Narcotic Control Act BE 2522 (AD 1979), the Department of Public Health has issued its notification regarding: Controlled Herb (Marijuana) BE 2565 dated 16e June 2022 from 17e June 2022 at:

(1) classify marijuana and its extracts as a controlled herb under the Protection and Promotion of Traditional Thai Medicine Knowledge Act BE 2542 (AD 1999);

(2) Permit persons 20 years of age or older to possess, use, maintain, store, transport and distribute marijuana and its extracts, except of :

(a) smoking marijuana in public places,

(b) the use of marijuana by pregnant and nursing women,

(c) distribute marijuana to persons under the age of 20, pregnant or nursing women;

(3) allow prescriptions of marijuana and its extracts as medicine for patients by physicians, traditional Thai physicians, applied traditional Thai physicians, traditional Chinese physicians, and traditional Thai physicians; and

(4) permit patients of the practitioners mentioned in (3) above to possess, transport, care (maintain), store and use marijuana and its extracts as prescription drugs for 30 days.