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The Department of Defense has not taken over the Agnipath program – FactCrescendo

The Department of Defense spokesperson called the viral video fake.

A viral video on social media claims that Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has decided to withdraw the Agnipath program and said that from now on army recruitment will be done as usual. The video shows a broadcast news channel.

The viral video states that “Today’s meeting is over, big decision made on the Agnipath scheme. Home Secretary Rajnath Singh said army recruitment would be the same as before. The Agnipath program has been canceled in India. Young people can stop protesting now.

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Fact check-

We searched for relevant viral video related news on Google; however, we found no credible news reporting related to the virus claim.

We discovered that the video mentions Rajnath Singh as India’s Home Minister. Rajnath Singh is India’s Minister of Defense while Amit Shah is India’s Home Minister. This raises questions about the veracity of the viral claim.

Fact Crescendo spoke to Bhushan A. Babu, senior spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense, who told us that the viral video was fake and that the Indian government or the Ministry of Defense had not taken such decision.

In addition, we have obtained the clarification from the GDP fact check that the virus claim is false and that the central government has made no such announcement.

The post reads: “In a video it is claimed that it has been announced by Union Minister Rajnath Singh that there will be no more recruitment under #AgnipathScheme. This statement is false. The central government has made no such announcement. Do not share these misleading videos/messages.


Fact Crescendo found the claim made with the viral video was Fake. The spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense and the Indian government’s fact-checking wing called the viral video fake. Union Minister Rajnath Singh did not make the announcement. No decision has been made to withdraw the Agnipath regimen.


Title:The Ministry of Defense did not take over the Agnipath program

Fact check by: Drabanti Ghosh

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