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Singapore Ministry of Health investigates mistaken 4th dose of Covid-19 vaccine given to 103-year-old nursing home resident | Singapore

The Singapore Ministry of Health has reminded all mobile vaccination teams to carry out independent verification and authentication of identity before administering any vaccination against Covid-19. — picture TODAY

SINGAPORE, February 5 – The Ministry of Health (MOH) is investigating the death of a 103-year-old nursing home resident who, in a case of “mistaken identity”, was administered to wrongly a fourth dose of a Covid-19 vaccine by a mobile vaccination team.

The ministry’s preliminary findings showed that the vaccine was administered in error due to “possible irregularities in the vaccination procedures and poor communication between the nursing home and the medical service provider in charge of the vaccination”, the health ministry said in a statement late Friday.

An autopsy ordered by a coroner revealed that the primary cause of the woman’s death was pneumonia, with other contributing factors being cerebral infarction (or stroke) and coronary artery disease, which are common natural disease processes in women. elderly, the health ministry added.

“The coroner has not determined whether these causes of death were related to vaccination.”

What happened

In its statement, the Ministry of Health said the woman, who resides at Econ Healthcare – Chai Chee Nursing Home, had already received three doses of a Covid-19 vaccine.

She was mistakenly given a fourth injection on December 13 last year by a mobile team from PanCare Medical Clinic.

In response to questions from TODAY, Econ Healthcare said the error was discovered approximately five minutes after the vaccine was administered.

Teams from Econ Healthcare and PanCare Medical Clinic cared for the woman and extended post-vaccination observation time.

“The resident had no adverse reactions during this time,” Econ Healthcare said.

A few days later, on December 16, she was admitted to Changi General Hospital for pneumonia and hyponatremia, a condition in which blood sodium levels are lower than normal, usually due to a too much water in the body. The woman was later diagnosed as having also suffered a stroke.

She died on January 10 of this year.

“This is the first case of mistaken identity leading to mistaken vaccination by a mobile vaccination team out of more than 152,000 vaccinations to date,” the health ministry said.

The ministry said it takes this incident seriously and is investigating it thoroughly. He expects investigations to wrap up this month.

Delayed announcement

The Department of Health also said it had planned to announce the incident in December last year, but was delayed because the woman’s family asked not to release details, which could have led to the identification of the deceased.

“We have since consulted further with the family and are releasing the information to provide clarity on the incident.”

Econ Healthcare Group and PanCare Medical Clinic funded the woman’s hospital bill “as a sign of goodwill”, the ministry said.

Econ Healthcare has also been in contact with the woman’s family to provide support.

Econ Healthcare and PanCare Medical Clinic have reviewed their processes to prevent a recurrence, the Department of Health said.

The Agency for Integrated Care, which facilitates vaccinations in nursing homes, reminded all nursing homes to ensure good communication with mobile vaccination teams when vaccination takes place.

“The Ministry of Health has also reminded all mobile vaccination teams to carry out independent verification and authentication of identity before administering any vaccinations,” the ministry added. – TODAY