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Saudi Ministry of Environment develops breakthrough vaccine for cattle abscesses

RIYADH: The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (HRSD) will establish “five model units” for the elderly in key regions of the Kingdom, according to HRSD Minister Ahmed Al-Rajhi.

The announcement came during a virtual meeting recently organized by Al-Rajhi with social affairs experts, social development journalists and a group of ministry leaders.

“The ministry strives to provide care and social protection to citizens, including the elderly, disabled and orphans, and to protect the rights of children, women and minors,” Al-Rajhi said. to participants, adding that the ministry is working “to develop many systems that help achieve this, such as protecting children from all forms of abuse, guaranteeing their rights and providing them with the necessary care”.

Al-Rajhi stressed the importance of the social development sector, which “focuses on issues that affect human existence, provides people with various means of social well-being, and provides individuals with opportunities in various sectors.”

He added that the Ministry’s Community Development Agency is working to empower the non-profit sector and cooperative sectors and orient them towards development work.

Since April 2016, the number of organizations in the non-profit sector in Saudi Arabia has increased by 164%, reaching more than 3,400 institutions, of which 69% are specialized.

“The sector has become more mature and has a deeper impact,” Al-Rajhi said.

Al-Rajhi said more than three million people have benefited from the national donation platform since its inception in April 2020. He also said that in 2021 more than 489,000 Saudis volunteered to support charities. , providing a wide variety of services.

He added that the ministry has also established a national indicator to measure donations and its results, which “shows that the percentage of those who donated once a year reaches 80% of the Saudi community, which indicates charity and solidarity of this community”. ”

The ministry’s official spokesman, Saad Al-Hammad, told Arab News: “The ideas and visions presented will be studied in the coming period to benefit from them in launching projects and initiatives that have a positive impact on the public scene”.

He added that the ministry seeks, through the holding of these meetings, to strengthen effective communication with specialists from various disciplines to discuss initiatives, ministerial decisions, challenges and societal demands.

He pointed out that the virtual meeting was organized to reinforce the concept of social development and the ministry’s services and achievements and to highlight issues affecting Saudis.

“The ministry has presented many events, programs and activities that highlight the role of social development and help to increase organization and development,” said Hamad M. Al-Otaibi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Preventive Youth Awareness Association.

The association improves the capacities and skills of young people by providing programs and events that Saudi youth need, and by raising awareness of behavioral risks and dangers.

“It should be noted that the failure of some modern associations and the lack of motivation of their leaders require examination to improve, develop and discover the defect,” Al-Otaibi added.

He suggested an expansion of the National Platform for Charity Work through the acceptance of emerging associations interested in the development, awareness, prevention and development aspects of charity work.