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Saint Lucia: Ministry of Health receives 78,000 doses of Pfizer COVID pediatric vaccine

Saint Lucia: Ministry of Health receives 78,000 doses of Pfizer COVID pediatric vaccine

Castries, Saint Lucia: Over the past two weeks, Saint Lucia has received 7,800 doses of Pediatric Pfizer – 3,000 doses from the Spanish government as a generous donation; and 4,800 additional doses through the COVAX facility. The Government of Saint Lucia is always grateful to its partners for their generous donations of life-saving vaccines.

The younger population between the ages of 5 and 11 can now obtain much-needed protection against COVID-19 and its complications. These vaccines would further complement the existing COVID-19 vaccines available to the population of Saint Lucia.

COVID-19 still remains a public health concern as Saint Lucia continues to register a significant number of new cases. Variants and sub-variants continue to affect all population groups worldwide.

The Department of Health, Wellness and Senior Citizenship remains committed to ensuring COVID-19 vaccines are available and accessible to all eligible populations.

Remember that current vaccines are still effective in preventing serious illnesses caused by current variants of the virus.

The Pfizer Pediatric Vaccine has been approved and licensed for use in children 5 to 11 years old. The formulation and dosage are different from those of the adult Pfizer vaccine. The recommended schedule is two doses given intramuscularly in the deltoid muscle 4 to 8 weeks apart after the first dose, preferably eight weeks, as a longer interval between doses is associated with greater vaccine efficacy .

We all look forward to this complete state of normality. Getting vaccinated is beneficial and cost-effective and reduces serious illnesses and hospitalizations. For our children, this means keeping them in school with less disruption; and participating in the activities they enjoy. Most important is the protection offered by the vaccine. Children exposed to the virus who are vaccinated are less likely to be infected.

On Monday, August 15, 2022, the Pediatric Pfizer will be available at all Children’s Wellness Centers (ages 5-11). Parents or guardians are encouraged to visit or make appointments at wellness centers to have their children vaccinated.

Vaccination continues at various community wellness centers on the island. The currently available COVID-19 vaccines are AstraZeneca, Pfizer BioNTech (adult and pediatric) and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson). The Department of Health, Welfare and Senior Citizen Affairs is encouraging people, especially the most vulnerable among us, to get vaccinated. COVID-19 is still infecting people; can lead to serious illness, hospitalization and death.