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Saint Lucia: Ministry of Health hosts staff retreat and awards ceremony

Saint Lucia: Ministry of Health hosts staff retreat and awards ceremony

St. LUCIA: The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Elderly Affairs recently held a staff retreat and awards ceremony for the team members of the Department of Public Health Primary Care.

The staff retreat and awards ceremony recognized the contribution of team members and provided an opportunity to step away from day-to-day responsibilities and focus on building leadership and professional capacity.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Belmar-George acknowledged the sacrifices made by team members over the past two years, both in program management and in the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I really want today to be dedicated to recognizing your efforts over the past two years, and I know many of us will continue to do so in the future. That’s basically what I want be it today, where you take a break from the office, you receive the training, but to put a spotlight on you: who you are and what you do in ministry, and recognize the efforts you have made especially over the past two (2) years we have been successful together.

The Acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Jenny Daniel, expressed her sincere gratitude to the team members for their immense efforts and dedication to the work of the ministry.

“The simple act of saying thank you does wonders for people. It provides motivation, shows empathy, shows care, shows interest, and of course, gratitude for efforts and sacrifices as well. I think we fought a good battle and I implore you to adopt the strategies that will help us continue our fight, our goals of achieving good health for our citizens and, of course, strengthening our health profile in case of an upcoming epidemic or pandemic on the horizon.

Health Minister Moses Jn Baptiste said the work of the team members was greatly appreciated and gave assurances that his government will continue to work with them to strengthen primary health care.

“As a government, we want to keep working. There’s a lot of work on the list, we want to focus on trying to strengthen the health care sector and working in an integrated way with everyone to make sure that primary care gets stronger through the universal health coverage agenda, which will be launched in a few weeks and we want to continue to integrate COVID-19 management practices and processes into the broader healthcare system that we no longer view COVID-19 as a particular threat but as part of our management normal health care as we move forward.

The staff retreat included sessions on leadership, best self, meditation and effective cross-generational communication in the workplace.