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Russia ready to join efforts with China to fight terrorism – Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Army and Defense

BEIJING, December 22. / TASS /. Russia is ready to unite its efforts with China and make real and constructive efforts without politicization to fight global terrorism, including its manifestations in Afghanistan, Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov said on Wednesday.

“I am sure that only joint efforts can put solid obstacles in the way of international terrorism. Russia is ready to act in cooperation with China to promote this without politicization or double standards,” he said in a statement. video address in Beijing. Symposium on the fight against terrorism.

The senior diplomat said Moscow appreciates a genuine partnership with China on counterterrorism issues within the framework of the United Nations, the BRICS, the Shanghai International Organization and other international platforms.

“Russia and its partners have systematically worked to strengthen an open dialogue on counterterrorism efforts on the basis of respect for the United Nations Charter, United Nations Security Council resolutions, universal anti-terrorism conventions and the United Nations global counterterrorism strategy, ”he added. recalled.

Syromolotov stressed that Russia and China are working with perseverance to strengthen interstate cooperation in the area of ​​resistance and prevention of terrorism and other current challenges and threats.

“It is important to continue to use the strong potential of the academic community and experts,” he added.

Syromolotov criticized Washington’s policy on this track. He stressed that in light of the new challenges and threats, Russia is seriously concerned about the situation in Afghanistan, as “it is likely to provoke a considerable influence on the general picture of global and regional terrorist threats to security.” .

Unfortunately, the actions of the United States and its partners only make the situation worse. Instead of acknowledging the mistakes and abandoning attempts to dictate, they have used financial leverage to lobby their claims regarding the Taliban movement (banned in Russia) “, he declared.

The senior diplomat expressed confidence that the dialogue between Russia, China and its partners “will help to coordinate positions and allow to chart paths for further strengthening of cooperation with the aim of promoting a constructive and focused anti-terrorism agenda. the results”.