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Palestinian Health Ministry: Death toll in Gaza conflict nears 50

GAZA: The Palestinian Health Ministry reports that 49 people have died following the most recent escalation of hostilities in the Gaza Strip.
According to a statement released by the ministry on Friday, “a 22-year-old Palestinian died in hospital from serious injuries he received during the latest escalation in the Gaza Strip.”

The ministry had previously reported 41 deaths, including 15 children and 4 women.
The most recent update puts the total number of victims of the latest escalation in Gaza at 49, including 19 children and four women. According to the statement from the Palestinian Ministry of Health on Friday, at least 360 people were injured.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) launched Operation Breaking Dawn against Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip earlier this month. Last Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said the goals of Operation Breaking Dawn had been achieved.

After three days of hostilities, a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement came into effect that evening, August 7. Tayseer Jabari, a senior Islamic Jihad commander in northern Gaza, was killed in an Israeli airstrike before the ceasefire. , and Khaled Mansour, another senior commander, was killed in a separate airstrike in the Gaza town of Rafah.

According to Tor Wennesland, special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, the recent escalation in the region “has taken a toll on the civilian population”. The UN maintains close contact with Israel and the Palestinians to reinforce the ceasefire reached last weekend.

Issam Al-Arouri, director of the Jerusalem Legal Aid Center, reported that the Jerusalem Occupation Court revoked the precautionary order to stop the demolition of the school last Wednesday. This was done in response to a change in the building codes that were in effect in the occupied Palestinian territories, as well as Israel changing its rhetoric and starting to treat Palestinian land as Israeli territory. Israel now views any construction in Area C as an attack on the property of the occupying power. The school has not been protected since and is in immediate danger of being demolished.

We are preparing legal proceedings which will begin next week with a request for the school to be exempted from the license application, Al-Arouri continued. The only way to save the school, he stressed, is to exert immediate political pressure in the hope that it will give us a few days to consider a new legal strategy that might work.

“All this comes in the context of the displacement of the population, but we will not leave the area,” said Palestinian Muhammad Hussein Kaanba in reference to ongoing attacks on the school and surrounding areas by settlers and Israeli soldiers. ‘occupation.

The Wall and Colonization Resistance Committee, the Ministry of Education and European funds were all involved in putting the school into operation in mid-January. The school helped students from the Ein Samiya neighborhood in Area C with the help of volunteers.

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