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Official Gazette of the Argentine Republic – Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

City of Buenos Aires, 08/26/2022

Sr. File EX-2022-62807714-APN-DDYGD#MCT Corresponding to the Registry of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Decree No. 7 of December 10, 2019 and No. 640 of September 20, 2021 and Decision administrative DA -2018-787-APN-JGM of April 26, 2018 and DECAD-2020-1461-APN-JGM of August 12, 2020 and,


The organization of “Concurrency Calculation Data” is handled by the file cited in this scene.

Based on Administrative Decision No. 1461/20 quoted in this scene, the organizational structure of this ministry has been changed.

That in the administrative decision referred to in the previous paragraph, the responsibility and the main functions of the Directorate of Expression and Audiovisual Content (DAYCA) have been assigned.

That the purpose of the Direction ut Supra above is to establish links with institutions in the academic, research and production sectors concerned with the expression and promotion of science and technology , as well as to design and implement specialties or any other equipment that provides incentives to strengthen communication. on scientific and technological issues aimed at various social actors.

That at present, the first edition of the “HAVE DATA CONTEST” is being organized.

That the main objective of this competition is to promote the use of scientific data visualization, as well as to promote the public communication of science. In this sense, some of the goals are to encourage people to get closer to data journalism and to make researchers working in the field of data science more visible across the country. At the same time, it seeks to stimulate interest in the simple communication of complex information and to promote the use of open data.

That the Direction of Articulation and Audiovisual Materials has prepared the document “Bases and Conditions” of the above competition which will govern the presentation of projects for the 2022 edition, in collaboration with the National Direction of Studies and the National Direction of Programs and Projects, belonging to this organization all departments.

Likewise, the University of San Andreas has actively participated in the preparation of the document mentioned in the Para Ut Supra, which must be approved by this administrative act.

That in this sense, the approval of the budget serving as annex IF-2022-65706306-APN-DAYCA # MCT to this administrative act is necessary.

That the General Directorate of Administration and the General Directorate of Legal Affairs of this Ministry intervened in their respective capacities.

That this measure was issued in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 22.520 (Dcto. 438/92) of Ministries and its amendments, Decree No. 07 of December 10, 2019, Decree No. 157 of February 14, 2020 and decree n° 640 of September 20, 2021.


Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation

the solution:

ARTICLE 1.- Accept the terms established in the document “Bases and Conditions” that will govern the submission of projects in the first edition of the “Contar con datos” Contest, as Annex II IF-2022-63515842-APN-DAYCA# is in. MCT is an integral part of this resolution.

Paragraph 2.- Allocate the necessary expenditures for this measure in accordance with Annex I IF-2022-65706306-APN-DAYCA#MCT to Funding Source 11, Program 01, Activity 04, Section 5.1.6, which is part of this make arrangements.

Article 3°.- Register, contact the Directorate of Expression and Audio Material, Directorate General of Communication and the Press, publish it on the website of this Ministry, file it with the National Directorate of the National Register for publication and execution, archive it.

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I. 08/31/2022 No. 68305/22 V. 08/31/2022