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No shortage of drugs in Malaysia, says Ministry of Health

KUALA LUMPUR: While demand for some products has increased, there is no overall drug supply shortage in Malaysia, the health ministry said.

Its senior director of pharmacy services, Norhaliza A Halim, said in a statement on Friday (June 3) that there are alternatives with the same effect and that manufacturers have increased their production capacities to meet the high demand.

“The responses received from manufacturers showed that there was a sudden increase in demand for a number of medicines such as products containing paracetamol as an active ingredient (for the treatment of fever and minor pain), vitamin C and cough and cold medicines for children.

“However, at this stage, no product has experienced a total disruption of supply, as many products have alternatives from other brands with the same indications,” she said.

The ministry, as part of its pharmaceutical services program, on Thursday met with representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, including the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Industries Organization (MOPI), the Pharmaceutical Association of Malaysia (PhAMA) and the Malaysian Association Pharmaceutical Suppliers (MAPS).

The statement was issued in response to reports of shortages of medicines used to treat common ailments such as fever, flu, cough and sore throat, as well as those used to relieve symptoms of hand-foot-disease. stuffy.

The ministry, Mdm Norhaliza added, would get more input from industry players regarding the actual status of medical supplies that are either produced in Malaysia or imported, as well as other related issues.

“Close monitoring and solutions for every problem encountered will be investigated through continuous communications between the Ministry of Health and the pharmaceutical industry to ensure a continuous supply of good quality, safe and effective medicines for Malaysians,” she said.