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New Ways LBGTQ+ Catholic Ministry and Therapist.News Reviews (Part 3 of 6)

Good Sunday!

In my last post, I wrote about my journey to becoming an LBGTQIA+ Catholic Pediatric Therapist. Considering how conservative my family’s religious background has been for the past 30 years of my life, coming to a fully assertive position as a professional took a lot of work out of me, because the lives of my patients depended on it. In short, affirming LBGTQIA+ people is about life, death, and human dignity, not about sexual activity. Sexual activity is a very private matter between the individual, God, and their partner, and whoever they want to tell, no one else. Celibacy is something we cannot force, because involuntary celibacy is proven by science to be harmful and even dangerous for most people, but not for all.

As a very dear friend who has a transgender Catholic daughter told me: “When we are more concerned about who sleeps in which bed than who has a bed to sleep in, something is wrong with our ministry and our witness of the Gospel and of Jesus himself. “When we are more concerned with doctrinal certainty than with someone’s life, human dignity, and the love of the person in front of us, someone is terribly wrong.”

Here is my original article.

Op-ed: Claiming LGBTQIA+ youth are pro-life – Faith on View Daily

Here are two reviews of my article, one by New Ways Catholic LBGTQ ministry and another very similar article review by Therapist News.

Catholic therapist writes about his personal journey to becoming an ally for LGBTQ+ youth – New Ways Ministry

A Catholic therapist writes about his personal journey to becoming an ally for LGBTQ+ youth – Therapist News

You will see the struggle that I experienced and which was described both by the article I wrote and by the reviews of the two authors.

Next time I will share my professional article co-authored with the help of Father James Martin and his assistant.