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Nanaimo Provincial Ministry Building Unlocked Investigation | NanaimoNews NOW

He recounted a short video he shot of his experience.

“I explained what was going on, ‘There is no one here, there is no one here.’ It was around 1:30 or 2:00 pm I looked down the hall, I looked behind where people should be, there was no one there.

Zboyovsky contacted NanaimoNews NOW in order to raise awareness and help elicit an explanation.

A statement from the Department of Social Development confirmed that an investigation was underway following the NanaimoNewsNOW’s investigation.

“Staff have already taken a full tour of the office and confirmed that there is no evidence that the inland offices (non-public areas) were violated, which is confirmed by video footage provided by the customer. The archive room is on a separate lock and is secured nightly.

The statement added that the file room remained locked and was only opened by staff when they arrived for work on January 4.

A ministry investigation is underway to find out why the building was open at the time and to “confirm that no breach of customer information has taken place.”

The office located at 2100 chemin Labieux. serves 3,800 clients of the Department of Social Development.

The ministry said it mainly obtains and stores digital recordings, but some documents are being collected.

“The physical records are kept in a secure file room which is on a separate locking system and has not been breached,” the statement said.

The building also houses offices for two other provincial ministries; transport and forests.

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