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Ministry of the Environment will help Vancouver Island golf course get rid of pesky pigs

VICTORIA — Conservation officers prepare to round up feral pigs at a golf course whose operators say the animals have caused thousands of dollars in damage.

Cowichan Golf Club chief pro Norm Jackson says the pigs have been a problem for months, but thankfully they haven’t been aggressive towards people using the course, just outside Duncan, Colombia -British.

He says the Department of the Environment has not shared details of its plan to dispose of the pigs, but he hopes trapping or some other measure will begin soon.

Ryan Brook of the Canadian Wild Pig Research Project says pigs go feral almost immediately after escaping from a farm.

He says they are the worst invasive large mammals on the planet because, in addition to damaging fields and infrastructure while foraging for food, they can spread disease to humans, wildlife, livestock and animals. of company.

Brook warns the pigs are multiplying rapidly and, with at least 12 spotted around the Cowichan golf course, conservation officers may not have much time to catch and remove the animals before there are have too much to control. (CTV Vancouver Island)

This report from The Canadian Press was first published on July 21, 2022.

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