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Ministry of the Environment to promote the use of the law on household organic waste Finance Magazine

loss Fruits, vegetables and garden trimmingsAmong the various natural residues, the illustration In Chile, 58%, but less than 1%, of all “waste” generated by households is recycled.

effectively Minister of the Atmosphere Maisa Rojassopresented this Thursday Increase an authorized business that allows the use of these supplies Joyful Coping with local climate change by reducing methane emissionsHighly efficient greenhouse fuel.

The Minister presented during his visit Direction of Environmental Administration of La Pintana (DIGA)in a global success story organic waste treatmentThe mayor of this municipality, Claudia Pizarro, attended the occasion; Canadian Ambassador to Chile Michael Gort; and Marcelo Mena, CEO of World Methane Hub.

Secretary of State He said managing natural waste would improve people’s quality of life. About 60% of an average family’s waste is natural waste. If we handle fruit and vegetable waste, we will reduce the stress on landfills or illegal dumping that has an effect on communities. We can even fight local climate change by reducing methane gas.

Minister Maisa Rojas presented the bill It seeks to maneuver in the direction of a separate management of natural waste, selling its use as a nutrient for the earth and preventing it from reaching landfills or landfills., as well as the socio-environmental points concerned. can even discover Authorization of municipalities in waste management.

For company event, World Methane Heart Assist, The CEO of this group is Marcelo Mena.“At World Methane Hub, we are proud and delighted to be part of this adventure. Taking care of natural family waste in an environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly wayAnd we hope that this public-private initiative will serve as a guide for other countries to combine these actions aimed at reducing methane emissions and strengthening the round financial system in Latin America and the Caribbean. “

Ecotrenches: a new know-how

Through the occasion, the authorities made a dent. La Pintana’s first “Ecochess”, 2.0 Composting system that will increase the efficiency of the method and minimize the influence on the environmentGive priority to the Municipality in the management of organic matter. it was infrastructure It is financed by the Recycle Natural program of the Canadian authorities.

Claudia Pizarro, Mayor of La PintanaIt is said”The municipality of La Pintana is a national leader in natural recycling.We admire the help of the Canadian authorities because the know-how of Eco Trench will allow us to extend our capacity to treat this waste with pioneering expertise on the municipal level. ,

Michael Gort, Ambassador of Canada to Chile, “He stressed that the exercise this morning is essential, because This is not only a sign of the deep affinity between Canada and Chile on environmental issues, but an affirmation that the events in which we live are also events of change.It is an issue that must be addressed with dedication, courage and collective movement. I would therefore like to salute Minister Maisa Rojas for her work and her campaign to advance the management of natural waste in Chile, which benefits not only indigenous communities but the nation as a whole.