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Ministry of Sports funds Rs 1.49 crore for Indian judo team to compete in European Open, international

New Delhi, June 9 (IANS): The Indian judo team has obtained visas for its participation in the European Open Madrid 2022 competition, on June 11 and 12.

The Department of Sport has coordinated with the Department of External Affairs (MEA) to secure visas for athletes as well as their coaches and support staff. The team will depart from India on Thursday morning.

A total of 15 men and 15 women will participate in the event. They will be accompanied by a total of 6 coaches and companions. Logistical arrangements were also made by SAI-TOPS in time for the Madrid event. This is the judo team’s first international exposure in three years.

After the competition ended, the government also gave approval to hold a preparatory training camp in Madrid and Alicante, Spain, from June 13 to July 2, for the team. The total financial amount sanctioned for the competition and training is Rs 1.49 crore.

Competing and training will help them get the proper practice right before the Commonwealth Games to increase their chances of getting medals.

Following the de-recognition of the Judo Federation of India (JFI) by the Ministry of Sports, the Sports Authority of India conducted the selection trials and facilitated international competitions and exhibition tours for judokas . This is to ensure that the preparation of athletes for the major tournaments to come does not suffer.

SAI conducted the judo selection trials held for men and women from May 23-26 to select athletes to gain international exposure. The European Open will be a big exhibition event for the Indian judo team as a total of 464 athletes are expected to participate from 46 nations.

Team for the Open Madrid European competition:


Under 60kg: Gulab Ali, Pardeep Saini, Vijay Yadav; Under 66kg: Nitin Chauhan, Jasleen Saini; Under 73kg: Attar Singh, Suresh N; Under 81 kg: Harchdeep Brar, Divyanchu Puri; Under 90kg: Promod Kumar; Under 100 kg: Avtar Singh, Shubham Kumar, Deepak Deshwal; Over 100kg: Jobandeep Singh, Yash Ghangas.


Under 48 kg: Sanatombi Devi Laishram, Swaita, Sushila Likambam; Under 52 kg: Simran, Sarda Ningthoujam; Under 57kg: Suchika Tariyal, Yamini Mourya; Under 63 kg: Himanshi Tokas, Sunibala Huidrom, Garima Choudhary; Less than 70 kg: Inungambi T, Ranjeeta; Less than 78 kg: Indula Maibam; More than 78 kg: Tulika Maan, Apoorva Patil.