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Ministry of Public Information and COVID-19 Fact Checking


Last month, Dr. Robert Malone, an American virologist and immunologist who has worked on the development of mRNA technology for use in COVID-19 vaccinations, suggested to podcaster Joe Rogan that we are living in an era of training psychosis. massive.

“There was a European intellectual inquiry into what happened in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s,” explained Dr Malone. “A very smart and highly educated population and they’ve gone mad. How did it happen?”

He continued, “The answer is mass training psychosis. When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other and has floating anxiety and the feeling that things don’t make sense… and then their attention is focused by a leader or a series of events on a small one. period, just like hypnosis… they can be conducted anywhere.

“The people they identify as their leaders,” he added, “the ones who usually come and say, ‘You have this pain, and only I and I can resolve it for you’ – they will follow that person. It doesn’t matter if they’re lying to them.… The data is irrelevant.

“Moreover, anyone who questions this narrative must be immediately attacked. They are “the other,” said Dr. Malone. ” And that’s what happened. We had all of these conditions.

Shortly after the December 31 interview, “mass training psychosis” started to become a trend in online research. Google searches that day suggested the company was making an effort to censor content and manually change its algorithm to find no search results.

“It appears that these results are changing rapidly,” Google said in a Jan. 1 post in response to a search for the term. “If this topic is new, it can sometimes take a while for the results to be added by reliable sources. “

Last week, YouTube removed the video from Rogan-Malone’s interview. Over the weekend, loyal Reuters and Associated Press “fact-checkers” purred in unison that there was no evidence of mass-forming pandemic psychosis.

Now when you Google the term, only “fact-checks” denouncing Dr. Malone’s theory appear online – ironically, proving that Dr. Malone might be right: go against the mainstream narrative and you. will be reprimanded and withdrawn from the public. debate.

We live in a twisted era, where Big Tech and the media, instead of questioning the Biden administration on behalf of the people, now use their megaphones to detonate administration talking points.

Call it the Ministry of Lights and Propaganda, like the one used by National Socialist Germany to control the content of the press, literature, film, music, theater, television and media. radio.

Washington Times opinion pages have been repeatedly cited by these so-called “fact checkers” and have been cautioned by Big Tech.

Just last week, Michael McKenna’s column asking why we call these COVID-19 vaccines – when they don’t prevent the virus from spreading or contracting – was verified as ‘fake’ by fact checkers “Independents” used by Facebook.

Facebook said the article lacked “context: independent fact-checkers say this information could mislead people,” citing a fact-check that simply said, “vaccines are vaccines … using needles or sprays to trigger immune responses that protect us from viruses when they show up is vaccination, and that’s what the three US-approved vaccines do.

The “fact check” ignored the rapid spread of the omicron variant among vaccinated and stimulated individuals, the waning effectiveness of the three approved vaccinations, and the fact that the CDC changed the “definition” of a vaccine in May to focus on stimulating an immune response rather than immunity. The guards simply repeated the government’s line.

As the Wall Street Journal explained in its opinion pages this week: “As of January 1, omicron accounted for over 95% of Covid cases in the United States. … Because some of the 50 mutations in omicron are known to escape antibody protection, because more than 30 of these mutations involve the spike protein used as an immunogen by existing vaccines, and because there have been Massive outbreaks of omicron in heavily vaccinated populations, scientists are highly uncertain whether existing vaccines can prevent it from spreading. As the CDC said on December 20, “We don’t yet know… how well the available vaccines and drugs work against this. “

Last year, the CDC admitted that COVID-19 vaccines no longer prevent transmission, and last week the CEO of Moderna said people may need a fourth injection of COVID-19 because the The effectiveness of boosters is likely to decrease over time.

The Washington Times challenged “fact checking” with, you know, facts. We do not anticipate any response, revision, or apology from the mainstream media or Big Tech. In fact, we expect this article to be flagged as well.

Other columns we have published on these pages citing the benefits of natural immunity and wondering if COVID-19 originated from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, the benefits of vaccinating young children, and the wisdom of ‘universal immunization strategy, have all come under the same scrutiny – from the same people.

We consider it our duty to question authority. Listen to and fairly represent all voices on any issue. To give an opinion and for it to be heard or challenged.

The more voices there are in a debate, the better. This is our philosophy, and we are not backing down.

• Kelly Sadler is commentary editor for the Washington Times.