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Ministry of Health publishes prices of Molnupiravir drugs produced in Vietnam | Health

Packages of COVID-19 treatment drugs containing the active ingredient Molnupiravir produced by Vietnamese manufacturers. (Photo:

Hanoi (VNA) – The Drug Administration of Vietnam (DAV) of the Ministry of Health (MoH) has announced the prices of COVID-19 treatment drugs containing the active ingredient Molnupiravir produced by three Vietnamese manufacturers.

Accordingly, a Molravir 400mg pill manufactured by Boston Vietnam Pharma costs 11,550 VND while the prices of Movinavir 200mg manufactured by Mekophar Chemical Pharmaceutical, and Molnupiravir Stella 400mg produced by Stellapharm JV Co., Ltd. costs 8,675 VND and 12,500 VND respectively per tablet.

These drugs are sold to COVID-19 the patients for home treatment provided proof of coronavirus infection and doctors’ prescriptions are presented.

The Drug Administration of Vietnam officially authorized the three COVID-19 drugs on February 17.

DAV instructed drug manufacturing and registration establishments to produce in accordance with records and documents registered with the Ministry of Health, coordinate with treatment establishments to strictly comply with current drug regulations on prescription, to monitor the safety, effectiveness and adverse effects of drugs on Vietnamese. people and report it regularly.

The DAV also asked the health departments of provinces and central cities to lead local medical examinations and processing healthcare institutions, medical personnel and drug supply establishments to inform patients about the benefits and risks of using these drugs, treatment methods and other drugs that can replace molnupiravir in treatment of COVID-19.

During the circulation of the three drugs, based on monitoring and updating information on their safety and efficacy, the agency may decide to revoke the registration certificates granted for circulation in accordance with clause 1, Section 58 of the Pharmacy Act.

These drugs are used to treat adults with mild to moderate COVID-19[female[feminine patients with at least one risk factor that could promote disease progression, according to the Ministry of Health.

The drugs should not be used for pregnant women or those planning to become pregnant, breastfeeding women and children under 18 years of age./.