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Ministry of Health of Peru: There is no risk of COVID-19 infection in schools | News | ANDEAN

Returning to school was a wise decision that poses no risk to children and adolescents, due to the high vaccination rates in the country and the protective measures in place regarding enclosed spaces, such as permanent use of face masks. , experts in Ministry of Health (Minsa) have underlined.

“Even after increasing the capacity of students able to attend schools, there is no risk for them, because increasing capacity does not mean overcrowding,” said Mario Izquierdo, a Minsa doctor specializing in public health, in an interview with Andina. Press Agency.

“Children need a desk to carry out activities in school, which should be separated from each other. Otherwise, they could not store their notebooks or bend their arms to pick up a pen. Increasing capacity does not mean not that they will be crowded,” he added. .

The expert stressed that schoolchildren should wear face masks at all times, noting that the space between desks will help them maintain the distance of one meter requested by health authorities in order to avoid infection.

“Schools are safe spaces, and there is no risk of getting infected if they have good ventilation in the classrooms, if the children are vaccinated, if the teachers are vaccinated and present an affidavit confirming that they have no symptoms of COVID-19,” Izquierdo said.

“We cannot deny children the opportunity or the right to be educated,” he remarked.

The expert pointed out that children and adolescents were most infected at the most critical times of the pandemic because they had not been vaccinated.

“When a virus is looking for new hosts, it is expected to choose those that are not vaccinated, and at that time children were the last to be vaccinated,” he explained.


Published: 04/05/2022