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Ministry of Health agrees that schools should be allowed to choose their method of teaching during the pandemic – Baltic News Network

The Ministry of Health agrees that the question of distance or normal education during the Covid-19 pandemic must be left in the hands of each school and class, said Minister Daniels Pavļuts in an interview with the LTV program Rita panorama.

He said the biggest conceptual decision about the school was made in August 2021, when it was decided schools should teach as normal where possible. However, if there is a need to make a decision regarding Covid-19 restrictions, it must be done locally, in a specific school, in a specific class.

“The Ministry of Health agrees that generally the situation must be resolved according to the situation in a specific school or class. Situations vary from school to school and region to region,” the politician said.

Pavļuts also said that on January 24, the Operational Management Group may consider the proposals of the Ministry of Education and Science regarding regulations on the organization of the teaching process.

As previously reported, Minister of Education and Science Anita Muižniece is not ready to discuss the subject of the transition of distance learning in all schools.

In an interview with the TV3 program 900 seconds, the politician said that many children had been forced to switch to distance education because of Covid-19. Moreover, the epidemiological situation continues to worsen. Still, she is not ready to consider mandating distance learning for all schools, as the situation differs significantly across the country.

She said schools were already using many epidemiological precautions to reduce the spread of Covid-19. This includes regular testing and the use of masks.

At the same time, Muižniece told the media that after the next purchase of medical masks is completed, the masks will be delivered to students and teachers.

The Minister recalled that distance education means increased pressure for the parents of the youngest pupils.

There are no plans to extend the school year even though the autumn school holidays lasted a week longer than usual.