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Ministry of Education approves the educational system for the second semester | Oman time

Muscat: The Ministry of Education has issued a statement regarding the operation of public and private schools for the second semester of the 2022/2021 school year.

Based on the statement issued on February 9, 2022 by the Supreme Committee for Dealing with the Spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) regarding the Ministry’s determination of the determinants of workflow in education for the second semester of the academic year 2022/2021, it was decided:

A- Approval of the operation of classes (1-4) in the mixed education system (week by week), except for low density schools not exceeding 20 students per class and managed by the direct education system 100% while respecting the precautionary sanitary measures.

B – Approval of operation of schools for grades (5-11) with the direct teaching system, with the exception of classrooms in schools with more than 30 students per semester, which are managed by the teaching system mixed (week after week), while respecting precautionary health measures.

C. The twelfth grade operates in a 100% direct teaching system, in compliance with precautionary health measures.

D. The schedules of students in pre-school education and private schools are in accordance with the guide (Operation Mechanisms of Private and International Schools in the Sultanate of Oman for the 2022/2021 school year) approved by Ministerial Resolution (192/ 2021) concerning the adoption of the rules and principles of the general framework.