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Ministry of Defense inspects 17.78 lakh acres of defensive land in 3 years using modern surveying technology

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Defense ministry reviews 17.78 lakh acres of defense land in 3 years

The Defense Ministry said on Sunday it had completed surveying 17.78 lakh acres of defensive land in the country in just over three years using modern surveying technology. Defense Estates Offices (DEO) records show that the Department of Defense owns large tracts of land measuring approximately 17.99 lakh acres, of which 1.61 lakh acres are located in the 62 notified cantonments.

About 16.38 acres of lakh are spread over many pockets outside the cantonments. The extent of land ownership, the location of land in around 4,900 pockets across the country, the land inaccessible in many places, and the association of various stakeholders make this survey one of the largest land surveys. from the country.

Modern survey technologies such as Electronic Total Station (ETS) and Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) were used in the survey. To further speed up the process, drone imagery and satellite imagery-based survey were used for reliable, robust and time-bound results. For the first time, surveying technology based on drone imagery has been used for surveying hundreds of acres of defensive land in Rajasthan. The whole area was surveyed with the help of the Surveyor General of India in a matter of weeks, which previously took years.

On top of that, a study based on satellite imagery was first performed for many pockets of defense land, especially some pockets again measuring lakhs of acres of defense land. 3D modeling techniques for better visualization of defensive lands in hilly areas have also been introduced using the digital elevation model (DEM) in association with the Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC).

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