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Ministry inspects execution works of Egypt’s first high-speed train linking the Red and Mediterranean Seas

Administrative capital station of the 1st speed train

CAIRO – April 25, 2022: The Ministry of Transport has monitored the establishment of the first high-speed train, Ain Sokhna / El Alamein / Matrouh to Ain Sokhna, passing through the new administrative capital.

Ministry officials also inspected the implementation works of the administrative capital railway station, which is one of the largest in the Middle East, with an area of ​​more than 1.1 million flat meters in the areas. parking lots and commercial areas.

This station interchanges with the LRT light rail and is considered a hub for various means of transport which mainly serve the new administrative capital and all the new towns in eastern Cairo.

Officials also inspected the Ain Sokhna station, which serves the Ain Sokhna region, including tourist areas on the Red Sea and industrial areas, as well as the port area of ​​Ain Sokhna, and its service could s ‘extend to new investment areas in the region, as well as the new town of Suez, which is a terminal station of the line.

Officials also monitored the progress of the implementation of bridges and industrial works for the track, such as industrial works on the roads that intersect the railway, such as the regional ring road bridge and the service road bridge. of the quarry, as this work is implemented. by large specialized Egyptian companies.

The ministry indicated the need to continue coordination with all relevant government agencies and governorates through which the express railways pass, to consider the projects being implemented as well as the planned implementation.

The express train project will help connect the city of Ain Sukhna on the Red Sea coast to the city of Matrouh on the Mediterranean coast, passing through the new administrative capital, the city of Sixth of October, and the new city ​​of Burj Al Arab and Al Alamein in fast and safe transport.