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Ministry continues to support occupational health and safety for underground mining operations

The support provided to underground mining projects in the field of occupational health and safety will continue in 2022 as part of the Support and financial support program of the Project to improve health and safety at work. in mines (MISGEP).

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security provides technical advice for capacity building in the area of ​​occupational health and safety, as well as financial support to mining workplaces.

Under the project, one seventh of the financial support payments granted in return for occupational health and safety services received by underground mining companies have been made. A subsidy of TL 1.1 million and TL 6.4 million in total was provided to beneficiary workplaces in December. With this support, the ministry aims not only to create safe working environments, but also to ensure all kinds of well-being of employees in their workplace.

In addition to the grant aid, the second site visit by ministry experts to 80 underground mining companies, beneficiaries of the program, began in December. To date, site visits to 62 underground mining workplaces have been carried out. In these field visits, which are generally far from city centers and where the geological and climatic conditions are severe, on-site observations are made and solutions are developed for the needs of the field. The second site visits of all beneficiaries are expected to be completed by the end of January.

The first program evaluation meeting with representatives of beneficiary underground mining companies was held before World Miners’ Day. At the meeting, where mutual views were exchanged with business owners, mining employers said the subsidy payments provide important support to businesses, especially during the pandemic process.

Financial support and guidance work under the program will continue until April 2023.