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Ministry asks Punjab government to hand over Football House to NC

ISLAMABAD: The Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) Ministry has requested the Punjab government to hand over possession of Football House in Lahore to the Standards Committee (NC) to pave the way for lifting the international football ban in Pakistan.

‘The News’ has learned from well-placed sources that the letter to this effect was sent to the Punjab government on Friday, ordering the provincial government to hand over possession of the Football House to NC at the earliest.

The Punjab government sealed the house after taking possession of it from the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) led by Syed Ashfaq Shah. After possession, the Punjab government is said to have converted part of the house into a revenue office.

“Yes, we have written a letter to the Punjab government ordering them to hand over possession of Football House to NC. The decision was made on two points. In lieu of recent meetings, the NC promised to help lift Pakistan’s international ban within days of possessing the House, and secondly, the NC also promised to hold PFF elections at the earliest. We therefore hope that the international ban will be lifted on the participation of Pakistani teams in international events and that elections will be held within the next six to eight months. These are the reasons why we ordered the Punjab government to hand over the House to NC. We don’t want the house to be used for offices or other purposes, but for the promotion of football,” an official said.

FIFA recently extended the term of CN for another six months with a promise to hold free and fair elections during this period. The period may well be extended for another three months provided that the CN gives a clear roadmap to organize free and fair elections. Now that the government has finally sided with the NC and left the PFF led by Ashfaq Shah and Aamir Dogar high and dry, there is a good chance that a clear electoral roadmap will be submitted to the Ministry of IPC at the earliest.

A well-placed source also confirmed to The News that Global Soccer Venture (GSV) officials called IPC Minister Dr. Fehmida Mirza the other day to ask her to sort out the outstanding football issues. , paving the way for the development of football in the country.

Some internationally renowned footballers who are part of the GSV have also approached FIFA and asked the body to sort out the long standing football issues in Pakistan. “As GSV is planning large investments in Pakistan, they want to see a home based football federation working in Pakistan and help them execute their plans properly. were only intended to promote football in Pakistan.