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Justice Department employs transgender support worker after cutting ties with Stonewall

However, outlining plans for the new appointment, Mr Copple told staff in an email on Friday: ‘We know that from 2015/16 to 2019/20 there was a 200 per cent increase in crime hate crimes targeting trans people and non-binary communities.

“Following last year’s decision by the MoJ not to renew its membership of Stonewall’s diversity program and wider issues in the press, transgender staff at the MoJ feel increasingly vulnerable.”

He said a senior member of staff who is currently the department’s senior LGBT+ champion had “so been looking for ways to better support our transgender staff. A key part of this is a new Transgender Employee Support Officer role.

A Department of Justice spokesperson said: ‘An existing member of staff has taken on this additional, unpaid responsibility of being a point of contact for transgender employees seeking information and support.’

“Woke” civil servants subverting ministerial authority

This decision, however, raised concerns. An insider said: ‘It feels like a workaround in defiance of Stonewall’s clear instruction to drop trans ideology.

“This is another example of woke senior officials in the prison and probation services overthrowing ministerial authority when it suits them. Meanwhile, the services for which they are responsible continue to deteriorate.

In February it emerged that the House of Lords had pulled out of the Stonewall programme, following the BBC and the Cabinet Office.

Cabinet Office guidance, published the same month, said departments should no longer engage with ‘external assurance and benchmarking bodies – unless an exception is granted by the Permanent Secretary’ .

Instead, they should bring these programs in-house. A government source said this would mean departments would have to withdraw from the Stonewall programme.

“The strategy recognizes that the civil service is disconnected from the British public for whom it works,” the source said.

“This is the government’s first serious attempt to get Whitehall to change course by cutting work, ending reliance on dodgy diversity schemes and getting more jobs outside the metropolitan bubble of London.”

In May, Nancy Kelley, executive director of Stonewall, claimed that “gender-critical” beliefs – the belief that a person’s biological sex cannot be changed – amounted to anti-Semitism.