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jpa: Passenger Assn writes to Rly ministry for new area in state | Ranchi News

Ranchi: The Jharkhand Passengers Association (JPA) has urged Union Rail Minister Ashwini Vaishnav to consider establishing a separate railway area for Jharkhand.
The association sent a letter to the minister’s office on Saturday proposing a new south-east-west rail zone with its headquarters in Ranchi and administrative control of all 225 stations in the state.
Signed by JPA President Rajendra Kumar Sarawagi and Secretary Prem Kataruka, the letter underscored the need for a separate area for the development of Jharkhand rail infrastructure.
In its letter, the APP proposed that an area could be carved up comprising the Ranchi Railway Division (under South Eastern Railways), the Jasidih Railway (under the Asansol Division of Eastern Railways), the Railway Division Dhanbad (under East Central Railways) and Chakradhapur railway division (under South Eastern Railways) as they are mining, forestry and educational centers.
“At present, the rail routes in Jharkhand are controlled by four zones and nine divisions. All areas are headquartered outside the state while six rail divisions (Hajipur, Adra, Asansol, Kharagpur, Malda and Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay in UP) are controlled by neighboring states. As a result, red tape hinders the development of equipment and infrastructure for passengers at key train stations, ”the JPA said in its letter.
Stating that Indian Railways earn about 25,000 crore Jharkhand rupees every year from loading freight and transporting minerals and finished industrial products, the JPA claimed that a separate area was a legitimate request as the ministry had in the past established new areas in newly divided states such as Telangana for the development of its infrastructure.
Prior to JPA, the former chief minister of Jharkhand, Raghubar Das, also requested a separate rail zone for the state during his tenure. In 2021, Ranchi MP Sanjay Seth also asked the Chairman of the Railway Board to cite him as a necessity.