Ministry matters

Josh Knipple | Children are a Parent’s First Ministry | Local News

“There is no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” – 3 John 1:4

Last week my book, “Eli Goes to Church”, came out.

I can’t believe this dream came true and how it turned out.

The truth is that this project took five years to prepare.

God originally gave me the idea and concept when my son Eli was 14 months old. I remember lying in my bed one night praying for him that God would give me and Lindsey opportunities to share Jesus with him, hoping that we could teach him about faith and be the best possible example.

As I continued to work on this project over the past few years, I continued to pray for anyone who would read it.

My prayer was for all those parents who would get it and the resulting conversations with their own children.

It’s happening now because it’s finally released and available to others.

I love to hear other reactions to the book and the impact it has.

God answers prayers which have increased in recent years.

In the opening, however, last week in prayer, God really began to convince me. He’s the one who said it’s great the impact the book can have on others, but your biggest responsibility, Josh, is your own family. Your own children – Eli, Silas, Ellie and Evie. I gave them to you.

Never forget that they are your first ministry.

Above all speaking opportunities or other moments of ministry, your children must see your example. Don’t ever allow yourself to be so busy doing things for me that they don’t see you spending time with me.

Elevation’s song “Talking to Jesus” constantly comes to mind. Listen to these words:

Then he walked into my room

While I was saying my prayers the other night

He said I’ll come back later

I can tell you got a lot on your mind

I said it wasn’t an interruption

You couldn’t have picked a better time

‘Cause I was just talking to Jesus

Come and give it a try

We started talking to Jesus

We started talking to Jesus

We started talking to Jesus


And now he’s talking to Jesus

What example are you setting, Josh?

Do your children see your example at home?

They are your responsibility.

In a world where we rely on so many others to “parent” or “teach” us, what are we teaching our children ourselves?

It is not their teacher’s responsibility. It is not the responsibility of their pastor. Nor is it that of their Sunday school teacher, or their friends, or social media for that matter. It’s yours. A hard truth to accept in today’s culture.

I am not called to be their friend, but to lead them, and you too. Our children will imitate who we are in Christ.

I have used this verse before and will use it again when I see my children grow up.

“Follow me as I am the Christ.” – I Corinthians 11:1

That’s the cry in our house, what about yours?

Josh Knipple is the pastor of Crucified Ministries.