Ministry matters

Is it a big deal that the Ministry of Health stuffs the data of vaccinated people?

The Department of Health is in the spotlight this morning, based on data it used to keep tabs on Covid vaccinations.

Apparently, the department followed its usual “we know best” approach.

At the time, the guys at Stats NZ were saying, ‘Here, use this database, it’s much more up to date’.

Health of course said, “no no, we’re good, we got this one, we know better”.

In the end, it looks like we’ve overestimated the national Covid vaccination rate, although the ministry says it’s confident we’ll still come out at over 90%.

Now I bet most people hearing this will say “well, so what does it really matter if we get to 95% or 90%?”

Didn’t stop the virus from coming in, didn’t stop it from spreading, and so far we’re over a million.

Anyway, now Stats NZ is telling the Department of Health that they have stuffed the data.

Stats NZ being of course the government department that stuffed the 2018 census so badly, the chief executive must have fallen on his sword.

You know, the department that basically has a job every five years and by its own admission couldn’t get it right.

But back to the Covid shots.

Does it matter that we get 95%, 90% or less than that?

I don’t think it’s that important.

What matters is that anyone who wanted to be kicked could be kicked, there was ample opportunity to do so, and it cost the patient nothing.