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IMA writes to Ministry of Health, supports protest by medical residents, demands acceleration of NEET-PG council

The Indian Medical Association wrote to the union’s health ministry to support junior medical residents who were protesting the delay of the NEET-PG 2021 council. They called for the court hearing to be speeded up to speed up the council.

The Indian Medical Association’s Junior Doctors Network highlighted that junior residents are overworked in the face of the impending third wave of Covid-19 and that there are around 50,000 doctors waiting to be allocated their PG seats won in the middle repeated postponement.

Patient care has been affected as resident doctors at all of the center-run hospitals and some of the Delhi government-run hospitals boycotted all services, including emergencies, amid the national unrest sparked by the Federation of Resident Doctors Associations (FORDA).

“The demonstration will last until January 6, 2021, until the date of the Supreme Court hearing. More than 50,000 doctors are waiting. Their future is on hold. The workload of the doctors who are in the last year and in the second year of PG has multiplied because the first year students have not integrated the course. This makes it difficult for patients and for doctors, ”said Dr Rahul Anand, coordinator of IMA-JDN. He has also passed his NEET-PG exams and is awaiting the start of NEET-PG counseling.