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Health Ministry writes to Kerala, Delhi and 3 other states over rise in COVID cases

The Union Health Ministry sent a letter on Friday to five states that saw a jump in COVID-19 cases in the past week. These states are Delhi, Haryana, Kerala, Maharashtra and Mizoram. In the letter, the Center urged state/UT authorities to maintain strict surveillance and take preventative action if necessary.

The letter came at a time when the country has seen a significant drop in COVID-19 cases, with less than 1,000 new cases reported daily in recent days. However, new cases are seeing an uptick in some states across the country.

Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan in the letter advised state authorities to continue monitoring the spread of coronavirus infection and asked them to take necessary measures for effective management. of the pandemic.

Bhushan stressed the need for states to follow the five-pronged strategy – test-monitor-treat-vaccinate and adhere to appropriate COVID behavior.

“It is essential that the state maintain strict surveillance and take preventative measures as necessary in all areas of concern to control any emerging spread of infection. Testing and surveillance remain important to track the virus, its spread and its evolution”, the letter read.

The letter said Kerala had seen an increase in positivity over the past week from 13.45% to 15.53% as it reported 2,321 new cases in the past week ending April 8 .

Maharashtra also saw its positivity rate drop from 0.39% to 0.43% last week. It reported 794 new cases last week.

Mizoram’s positivity rate rose from 4.38% to 16.48% last week. The North East said it reported 814 new cases last week.

Haryana’s positivity rate last week rose from 0.51% to 1.06%. The state recorded 416 new coronavirus cases in the week ending April 8

While Delhi saw its positivity rate last week drop from 0.51% to 1.25%. The nation’s capital reported 826 new cases last week.

The ministry had assured the states that it would continue to provide the necessary support to bring the pandemic situation under control.

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