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Health ministry says coming weeks will be crucial for Sri Lanka

The health ministry says the coming weeks will be critical for Sri Lanka in controlling the spread of the coronavirus.

Chief epidemiologist Dr Samitha Ginige said the coronavirus was under control in Sri Lanka.

However, with the spread of the Omicron variant in a number of countries, there are concerns that the variant may eventually spread to Sri Lanka.

So far, seven people have been detected with the Omicron Covid variant in Sri Lanka.

Dr Samitha Ginige said getting the Covid booster dose is important to prevent the spread of the Omicron variant in Sri Lanka.

He also said that following health guidelines is just as important. including maintaining social distancing and wearing face masks.

Dr Ginige said it had been noted that a number of people had traveled across the country during the holiday season.

He said if precautions are not taken, the risk of the rapid spread of Covid in the country cannot be avoided again.

Dr Samitha Ginige also said that a number of people are reluctant to get the booster dose.

He said unfounded fears led some people to refuse to get the booster dose.

Dr Ginige said fever and minor complications are normal when getting the booster dose. (Colombo Diary)

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